I just can't believe what a bad 48 hours it has been for me and very emotionally and mentally drained from all the stress that I have been under. It started yesterday morning when I was going to school for my first class which I had a presentation which I was already feeling nervous and anxious to do in class. I drive down the rows to try to find a parking spot and go down this one row and this car is pulling back and I had stop but she didn't and ran into my drivers door and rearview mirror!!!! Really this just happened,damn it!!! Exchanged info and on my way to class I go, so I was pretty pissed off about this accident and went through the rest of my day. Then today I am leaving a dr, appt and decided to go to the library before work to study for mid terms. I am driving down the street and a truck seemed to have stopped and well I wasn't fast enough and ran into the back of the truck. Traffic was pretty heavy so I drove my car over to the next street and waited for the other vehicle to come by to exchange info. I was pretty shook up at this point and feel as though I completely went numb. Nobody came back so I went back to see if they were there. No luck, so I pull into a parking lot to call my insurance company and the police. Mentally I was so done but did what I needed to do, I gave my report and he said there wasn't anything he could do. Tow truck came to pick up the car and I to drop it off and get me a rental car. Looks like lack of communication between the insurance company and the tow truck company. Two different stories go figure, so he dropps me off at the rental car place and he takes the car to another location, not sure where the hell my car is at this time till hopefully tomorrow morning. I get my rental car and head home and then I get a call from the cop who took my report and said I need to come back to the location the other party was there giving their side of the story. I getback to the location and the cop pretty come out with you lied to hm and it was me who did the hit and run,WOW!!!! I felt he purposely said in in a way to make me look or make me feel guilty. He also told me I can arrest you for this since I broke the law WTF!!!! Two parties two different stories so he just fully accuses me and sayd it's your fault and gives me a ticket!!!! I go home and talk to a few friends they thought he was so in the wrong and treated me horrible and I need to go to court and plea my case in front of the judge t the end of the month. Hoping things get resolved and hope I get some relief and justice, wish me luck!!!


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