Grr. I was informed earlier this week by the chick whom I was (until this week) still helping in my old department that there were “problems” with the way I put together a cover letter. Nevermind that the attorney’s only direct was to “do the standard cover letter.” Nevermind that this is how I’ve always done these letters and, for 6.5 years, they were FINE! And, nevermind that, essentially, she wanted to do it and the way I did it both REACHED THE SAME GOAL. No… that doesn’t matter. I didn’t do it her way so my way was wrong. So, I simply smiled and said “it’s just another way of doing it, both ways work” and then I joked that I’m “just so glad I’m not over here full time anymore” because of “all of the paper” she has to deal with.  

*sigh* This is not a monstrous person. I know she can be warm and caring when she wants. However, she can also be controlling, rude, hypercritical, closed-minded, and two faced.  And, unfortunately, it’s the latter persona that comes forth most often when working with her. 
So, since even being her back-up proved problematic, this week’s meeting with my supervisor saw me agreeing (whole-heartedly) with the idea of removing me from even back-up duties for this person. I told my super flat out that I didn’t have a problem with the attorney – it was his LAA that I always have the same problem with, and who I always will have the same problem with.
What’s so confounding about this PITA chick is that she keeps telling me how frustrated she is that “they” (being firm management) won’t “let” her have anyone who is “as good as me”. WTF?!! If I’m that good, why was she complaining about everything I did? If the attorney didn’t have a problem with how I do something, who the hell does she think she is to have one? The minute her boss became department manager, she became EXACTLY the kind of person she used to piss and moan about (who used to be our old department manager’s LAA). Further, if I’m that good, why does every problem that arise now always end up being because of me? Even when neither I nor my former assignments had anything to do with the file???
I love – just love – that “they” are now making me a back-up to one of the firm’s founders. And, since transferring to my new department, I haven’t had a problem working with anyone. Not a single person. Not even one of the department’s most difficult assignments (who is really just a swamped, disorganized guy who is as nice as can be but needs an LAA who is seasoned and confident enough to not need a lot of direction).
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  1. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    It sounds to me that you have been dealing with a very insecure person who attempts to control others and put others down as a way of bolstering herself up.  While she may need help, you are not a therapist and well to be rid of her.  Sounds as though she was having a very toxic effect on you.  Now that you have successfully escaped her sphere, you are free to enjoy other aspects of your job.  

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