****Here is my thank you note to my sponsors. Anyone else out there do a walk lately? This was my first – going to make it an annual thing *****

 I would like to personally thank all my nine sponsors and those that couldn’t. Together we raised $525! That’s almost half a percent of the total $142K – nice! 

It was a funny day. I had planned to meet two people. One was a gal I met on a stop smoking website. We agreed to identify each other by our hats – I was going to wear an African hat and she was going to wear a pink (!) cowboy hat. Neither of us could find our funky hats in the morning. The other was a former AA sponsee who I had taken to detox two weeks prior. He didn’t show – I feared the worst.

 The weather was threatening but cleared just before the walk started. About one klick into the walk my old pegs developed wicked shin splints – I hadn’t warmed up. I limped back to the start line and there was my sponsee – 2 weeks sober! We went to an AA meeting – he was heading off to rehab the next day. It seems that when I stopped sponsoring him (continuing relapses) he had an awakening (lol). God works in strange ways! 

 The day reminded me of John Lennon’s quote “Life is what happens in between making plans”. This was a milestone day for me – a day to stop and look back to where I was, where I am and where I’m going. While I wouldn’t recommend getting HIV as a means toward seeking enlightenment I’m grateful for my unique journey.  

Thanks again – embrace the mystery – one day at a time.



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