Hi Folks, Adam and I were awakened at noon today by our house shaking violently.  We\’re not total slackers, this week was his late shift at the restaurant and it\’s not unusual for us to  not get to bed sooner than 3AM on these nights….We\’ve been having numerous fronts crossing Atlanta this week bringing some pretty severe thunderstoms with them. Before we were completly awake we felt wjat we thought was a huge roll of thunder …but there were no follow-ups  and we realized that it wasn\’t even raining at the moment…..When we looked out the back bedroom window it was immediatly obvious that one of three huge Oak trees in the back yard had fallen. Yupp…not just a branch….not just part of the tree…the entire tree hat uprooted and then snapped off about 3 feet from the ground. Keep in mind this tree had a diameter of at least  3 to 31/2 feet across…..

The good: it fell in a perfect diagonal line…..taking out ONE perfect section of the neighbors new privacy fence….Two: It didn\’t hit our neighbors house….or our house! Only knocked a gutter on the neighbors house loose. Also good, the neighbor was not living there…the house was recently bought and in the process of being renovated. and Three: We wont have to buy firewood next winter!

The BAD: The tree completly and TOTALLY obliterated the neighbors brand new garrage! I mean squashed it flatter than my sisters chest! Thank god for homeowners insurance….Oh yeah….one more bad thing: The A-Hole that had previously owned it and wanted to have it redone…the same jerk one who tried to tear our fence down and put his fence 3 feet into our yard….well, he had already sold it  and wasn\’t in the garage! Since "God don\’t\’ miss", i can only presume that god has other plans for him…

We\’ve spent the entire morning on the phone with our insurance people and just have to wait for out neighbor to call his claims adjuster….

*SIGH* I guess I need to go buy a box of Kellogs cereal….They have an ad  on tv that says that if you buy a box of their crap they will plant a tree and save the Earth! ……….


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  1. Loki 14 years ago

    Oh that would be ME, but only if I get to wear my six inch spiked Jimmy Chews while i’m doin it ! lol

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