You Have A True Friend To Talk To!!!

You Have A True Friend To Talk To!!!

I sent out a questioner  and was amazed,
 at the response from a certain question,
of how many of my friends have cried recently.

We are all human and have feelings that get hurt,
please do not bottle them up it only makes things worse,
you will feel better if you express them to a friend.

I know it is sometimes a hard thing to do,
but I promise you, you will feel better in the long run,
and it will be easier to deal with your emotions,
knowing your not alone with these feelings.

I am not a typical man, I was raised as a mommas boy,
many of you that know that I am a deep person,
and I speak from the heart to express myself to people,
by reading my writings and poems that I send out.

Please do not be afraid to talk to me about anything,
I am here for you my friends, if you need a shoulder,
or you simply need to get something off your chest,
even if you just want to joke around.

We all have problems and issues in our lives,
some times we need a different point of view,
to help us understand what exactly is happening,
or get advice on how to fix our problems in life.

I am not a doctor or a therapist by any means,
but know that I am here for you my friends!!!




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