Meeting Your Soul Mate

One day you will look into someones eyes,
and you will instantly know,
that their is something special there,
because you can see their soul within.

You then feel your heart start to race fast,
and then you wonder why.

When it finally hits you and you realize it,
you just looked into your soul mates eyes.

You then feel like someone poured a warm bucket of water,
over your head and your body starts to tingle all over.

As you try to compose yourself you notice,
that they are going through the same thing.

You really start to talk to each other,
and your words just don’t come out right,
because deep down your scared.

After talking to each other you feel you like,
you have known each other all your lives.

Then you find yourself getting lost in the realization,
that you can’t be without this person,
from this point on in your life.

You will loose time sharing your thoughts and dreams,
that are growing inside you every minute your together.

Pretty soon you find yourself lost,
falling deeply love with this person,
you feel there’s nothing that can stop
this burning passion growing inside you.

From this point on you will know,
that you have found your soul mate.

Written by,

Steven M. Jolicoeur

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    ItsJustMe 14 years ago

    Beautiful!  Enuf said!

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