I was driving home last night and was fallowing a car that was varying speed quite a bit. That’s dangerous, and annoying at the same time. I’m pretty good at paying attention to traffic, but alot of people aren’t. That’s a good way to get rear-ended. As I was behind this person, I found it impossible to pass them as, given the traffic situation at the time, it would’ve been reckless to do so. I wish people would set their cruise control. If speed varies more than 3 mph with the cruise set, than it’s time to get it fixed. I had a way under powered car a few years ago that didn’t vary it’s speed that much with the cruise set.

Part two…

When I drove truck over the road, I didn’t need a place of my own, and ended up renting a room from my mother.
When I quit driving truck, the job that I got didn’t make me enough money to get a place of my own. As a result, I was stuck there. Now I get yelled at pretty regularly for doing things for myself. I help out around the house, and afterwards, I like to go for coffee. My mother doesn’t see any reason for me to leave the house. And she tells me so, pretty often. Almost every day. Of all people, I think she should understand that I can’t stand to be cooped up for very long. She’s of Roma Gypsy desent. Gypsys can’t be cooped up, and survive very long. Of course, I’m 50% Gypsy, and can’t handle a daly rutine beyond work, or necessities. At 39 years of age, I fail to see how she thinks she can tell me when I can, and can’t leave the house. To make things worse, she also tries to tell me who my friends can be. I’m not 6 years old, so again, I fail to see where she has a right to do that. I don’t have two cars to leave them sit, and so what if a friend has tatoos, and/ or piercings. That doesn’t make them any less of a person. Besides, I admire people that express themselves in every way they feel comfortable.


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