I'm back from my weekend adventure in which turned into 10 days….I arrived home lastnight, Sunday around 10 pm.

The trip was fun, going to Alabama was fun, for the weekend we explored his area, went to dinner and spent time together,went shopping for Sunday clothes, ughhh, lol, went tochurch…..then when Sunday eveningcame, he invited me to stay the week,I accepted, he left for work Monday morning…finally some alone time, yes! he left me his new Toyota car so I could come and go as I wanted, but I actually just hungout at his home only going into town one day to pick up supplies for dinner and yes get my hair done, I really like the cut and color, the rest of the time I took nice long walks, he came home from work to find me walking down the road with his umbrella one evening it was pouring rain but I still wanted to walk so I did. I listened to music, cleaned house for him and just relaxed.

When friday night rolled around we proceeded to my house in Ga., he spent the night as it was late , the next morning he said he wasn't ready to go so we went to his brothers house up in N. Ga., to do his laundry, we stayed the night, went out to dinner, went to the park, explored the area, ended up going to Cloudland Canyon Park which I've always loved, he surprised me with taking me there, :), we walked the rim andI told him it was going to rain in 20 minutes and it did , we got soaked, it was so fun, we were dripping wet, laughing, got in the car and changed into some dry clothes and headed back to his brothers house. I also meet another one of his brothers and his wife as well, we did alot of things, just to many to write it all down. sunday morning we had breakfast and drove for a while, finised his laundry, talked, had our first disagreement and made it through that, the night before, took his brother out for dinner after we arrived back from Cloudland Canyon, then we drove back to my house, he was going to stay the night but mom was being sh*ty as usual, ruined my happiness, but anyway he left exhasted with 2 to3 hr., drive home. I was worried because we hadn't slept very much the night before and we were both extremely tired. He made it home took a nap and went to work Monday morning. I'm so sick of mom's BS! You'd think she'd be happy for me to be smiling after all I've been through, but not the case, she just has to ruin it for me. Tonight she's at the ER, she's sick so , I guess her meanness caught up with her, lol.

So so far D is making me happy, I just hope it last.

OhI forgot he also went and bought mom grocery's before we left, isn't that sweet? He wanted to make sure she had everything she needed including cig's, and then she treated him horribly, sending him off on along drive exhasted, what a evil person she is. I'm thinking to hell with her, I'm so ready to get rid of negtive poeple that mistreat me!

It was so much fun, he let me drive as much as I wanted because I had told him how much i missed driving, he did get my hair done, bought me clothes for church, makeup, curing irons,swimsuite, all kinds of things…..I let him do these things for me even though it was hard, aren't you proud of me? I told you I was listening, lol.

He sure is fun and he laughs at my goofyness too. So far so good.

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  1. flowermantis 10 years ago

    Dianne! I am soooo happy for you! Good girl you accepted this beautiful person's kindness and this would of made him so happy! I told you to hang in there and you would turn the corner soon!

    Be prepared for some more happy times,you so deserve it!

    Flowermantis x

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