In the beginning, desire, burning white hot

Not knowing the future, the past you forgot

Desire that eats and consumes the heart

The very thing it enthralled at the start

No excuses for the pain that you have no right to cause

No words to explain why you came here to pause

Just say the words and it will be over and done

No need to feel bad; you’ve finally won

Increasing the tears that fall from my eyes

Sunlight discovering all of your lies

In desperation you cry to the stars

But there’s no God up there, to erase all these scars

To give of yourself is the name of the game

To create something more than a picture and frame

But why play a game that is filled with deceit?

A game that a fragile heart can never complete

They walk from your life and leave you with doubt

No way forward and no way out

The screams in your head have never been so loud

You ask if he’s happy, you ask if he’s proud.

He has no answer, he holds no voice

This wasn’t your fault, but it was his choice

You see time stretched out filled with silence and nothing

You wish it was a joke, wish he was bluffing

But it’s already over, has been for an age

Since the day his eyes wandered, your world started to change

And now it’s transformed before your horrified eyes

And you sit down with the Devil, the Lord of the Flies

Your sunlight and hope washed away with the rain

And your efforts to fight were all in vain

Desire so hot that it burns up our hearts

A little more scar tissue with each one that departs

If this is the game, then I don’t want to play

If my nights filled with pain, what’s in my day?

My fragile heart can only take so much

Till it’s beaten and broken and ground to dust

  1. naomijane 8 years ago speechless

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  2. IncompleteAllAlone 8 years ago

    Thank you so much naomijane. 🙂

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