Yesterday I drove my 2 daughters and my grandson out to my adopted moms house for my 4 year old nephews birthday party.  My daughter Amanda went and laid down in the bedroom and slept all day thru the party, me Tina and Zakkery enjoyed the party. There was a bounce house so Tina climbed in so that Zakkery could get in and play. It was too cute… This was before the party started. Then there were like 20 miliion kids there…OMG! I was so overwhelmed. I kept wandering off to be by myself but my daughter would find me and try to give Zakkery to me. I would just let him down to play. She was pissed at me bcuz I she said I was not much help with Zakkery. Hey Zakkery was at a birthday party and he was there to have fun not be restrained. But anyways the other kids were ages 3-6 and alot of the parents acted like they had sticks up their butts, Don't get dirty, don't do this don't do that DON'T DON'T DON't!  YEs I was completely overwhelmed because I'm just not used to being around so many screaming kids but dang let them have fun.  Zakkery had so much fun he threw up a couple times but then again he did eat 2 pieces of pizza, a piece of cake ice cream, veggies, chips and dip, drank punch and capri suns plus some candy. It was a good day met some nice people and some not so nice people, but didn't let the not so nice ruin my day. Save a few finger from getting bit off by the african Grey parrot of my dads. His name is bubba, was thankful my grandson didn't blurt out his not so nice words that he learned from hearing me his mom and dad say. We are very careful around him now with the words. Was out there for 12 hours, I was so ready to go home but we had to stay and watch the teenagers while my adopted moms went to the Gay Pride Fest yesterday evening.  Yesterday was a good day.

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    Apple71 12 years ago

    They're not so cute once you add cake ice cream, punch and lots of candy, thats when they transform into tazmanian devils. lol , then add a bounce house. thats when one truely appreciates a bounce house.

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