breakups are way harder on guys then girls.

they just lost a handbag. they thought this handbag would look great on them, but in the end it didnt. it was too much trouble, or didnt feel right, or it snapped off me and ran away on tiny legs or whatever. so much wasted time with this handbag. they were SO SURE this would be a good handbag. UGH! they just want a great handbag, everyone else has these great handbags, why is it taking me so long! i deserve a great handbag don't i?!  well i still have my coat and my shoes and my hat, time to go back to the store. 🙁 🙁 girl bounces back.

the guy is now an abandoned hand bag in a store. a girl just returned them. they were rejected in a different way, they were dropped. i tried and failed. the handbag's inrospection is inward. what made this person not want me? what do i do now, i have no body!! im nothing now im on a shelf! if noone likes the handbag at fist glance they are fucked.

but the general opinion is that guys shop for girls. so i guess in the right part of town handbags just run up onto your arm and you fight them off. same diff. girls are sad cause no one jumped up onto my arm today :(. and guys just got swatted the fuck off of an arm.

girls dont like to hear a guy say things like that. they say thats the way it is, deal with it. they get MAD. we are supposed to be stupid and not care.

i feel like dog shit when girls around me talk about treating guys badly and high five each other. theres a good chance a girl would read that and laugh and not care what-so-ever that it makes me feel like dog shit.

men are just interchangeable heads.


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