I'm so tired of being TIRED. It sucks. This paranoia disabling my good sleep is ridiculous…I'm knocking myself out with OTC pills just to get some relief. I can sleep in the daylight fine usually, but night it's like bogeymen are waiting to get me, lol. No joke though. I'm afraid to sleep in the dark right now. I'm afraid of being alone and vulnerable while I sleep, lest someone gets in and does me harm. I'm going to start clubbing myself with a baseball bat to knock me out without medicating. LOL.

I just got a call I've been waiting for for 3 months now. My test results are in! YESSSS!!!! That means I don't have to put off the social security disability meeting much longer. Now I just need to get my therapist and psychiatrist to give me updated letters regarding my illness and get my copies for the bureau and it will all get the ball rolling. Finally!Maybe if I'm blessed I'll have some help in the next year.

I'm feeling down and a little anxious this morning, so I'm blogging to try to lift my spirits. On everyone's page this morning I left a message saying "Know how precious you are!" ~ because I figured if I needed reminding, then maybe it would help remind others too. I hope so.

I'm very relieved now because of the news about getting my test results in. I've been biting my nails waiting for that. Maybe I'll go eat breakfast and take my meds and lay down and nap with my husband for a little while. Maybe that will help with the fear of the dark since the room is blacked out but he'll be there right next to me. I wish it were that way every night. (sigh) At least he has a good job and we're taken care of because of that. I just can't wait until the day he gets back on regular day shift again. It will be a celebration to see!

Off I go. Hope you all have a beautiful day today. Love and hugs to you all. ~ Key


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