To reach the stars that's all i want to do

To see this world from a different view

To leave this wasteland and be in the sky

I want to be free I want to fly

Every one around me has gone to the stars

Leaving me alone, while I accumulate scars

Occasionally they fall back and cry from the pain

So I sit and listen as they complain

"Oh how much it hurts to fall from the sky"

They say to me as they begin to cry

"It was so beautiful up there…

Why must I be thrown into such despair"

All this time I sit and listen to their tales of above

Wondering what it is like, this world they speak of

In the sky with the stars, oh how wonderful it sounds

But here I am stuck to these grounds

They tell me where I am is not too bad

That I'll make it some day, and not to be sad

That some day my life will begin

As they learn how to fly again


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