I am new to this site. However, I am not new to anxiety and the symtoms and feelings that it causes me. Recently, as just a few weeks ago, literally the beginning of February, I experienced a very debilitating anxiety attack. It happened right before I got my period. I think the timing of it is not coincedental. I think it all goes hand-in-hand. It wasn\'t until days later that I realized that it was anxiety. It had come out of nowhere, like something had snapped in my head. I was suffering from little or no sleep and constantly panicky. It was driving me crazy and the only way that I could settle down was in the presence of my mother. Soon, I made an appointment with my GP and got a prescription for Zoloft. Immediately, I felt it starting to work, though the side effects were terrible. Horrible stomaches, insomnia. I started seeing a theraipist last week. I don\'t feel comfortable with her, but she is not going to be my primary care therapist. I am only going with her for 6 weeks to start the process of recovery until I find someone more permanent that I really like. I am still on my meds, which seem to finally be getting my system in line. I find that I have to constantly be in the presence of people in order to feel normal for any time being. My mother said that this is okay and to do what I feel I have to do. As I get my treatment and start to recover, I can slowly start to refocus on becoming a bit more independent. I hate this because I am in the last year of college and really don\'t want to take the semester off. I am on the slow process to recovery.


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