I move. TOMMOROW. I just learned I was this MORNING. Plus, trying to contact my bio father whom I haven’t had communication with in YEARS! I’m trying to change my name legally, but keep changing my mind when I DO decide. I mean, moving to Aurora, Co, pretty much two blocks outside Gay Fam Wonderland (AKA Denver), who’s SUPER gay-friendly, I guess. They want me to be more independent. Like TOMMOROW. Learned TODAY. AT NOONISH. I wish I had more knowledge AHEAD of time… No matter. Apparently father is wanting to learn and get used to my name and pronouns, which us weird, cuz he was neglective when I was around him as a kid. Tech, they’re kicking me out cuz I’m 18 and need to “move on.” *Sighs* Good luck to me… stressed AF.


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