Yesterday was a long day,,,had a long drive to the clinic, stayed up to late the night before visiting my sister,,,she was down from Texas…to see my niece, her daughter, and her new baby Carter…when I got home my sister called and wanted me to come over to my nieces house to visit some more,,,so I packed up the grandkids and went on over…I know my sis had an ulterior motive( think I spelled that wrong…lol) she wanted me over to Brandy's because afew weeks ago when Carter was born,,,I had planned on being with Brandy in the delivery room…since her mama was so far away, and this was her first baby( she's in her 30's) anyway her husband had me leave, said Brandy wanted to be alone,,,so I left, when she came home from the hospitol, she called me hysterical…saying its not me Aunt Cindy, its Joe…I finally figured out what the problem was…Joe didnt want me around the baby, because of the HIV…I told her don't worry honey, he's just ignorant, I'll come over and help you when he leaves for work…lol so I did go over and help with the baby, he was so tiny and cute and new…a new soul had arrived here, bless his heart…well, I think he had his family coming over in case i stopped by, and sure enough, as soon as one of them left, he showed up home…I just left, I wont' fight over stupid things…my sister found out and called and read him the riot act…she was so mad at him,,,Caryn is always quiet…so this was something…I just couldnt believe it,,,I was the oldest and had always been in charge of my 7 siblings…not to mention all the babies i had always taken care of…and raising my grandkids…I guess my sister just thought it was such an insult to do that to me…lol, so I believe she wanted me to come to Brandy's while her and Doug was there, to show Joe what they thought of his behavior…we had a great visit, I think my brother in law had some words with Joe…when I was leaving Brandy said, Aunt Cindy, Joe asked me to tell you he was sorry, he too embarassed to tell you himself…I don't really think he's sincere, but that's ok, I really dont care what what he thinks of me, its just one more day of ignorance…but I got to see Caryn and Doug and Brandy and little Carter,,,and that means so much…it is just so special to hold a new baby, they are so beautiful…anyway that was my day…lol I'm not sure I even had a point when I started…but I guess we should never allow anyone to take away any of the beauty of life from us…because we are only cheating ourselves…Shadowstorm

  1. cheydon 15 years ago

    Some people can be Ignorant, Insensitive, and Phobic. Sounds like you had a great day. Congrats on the new member of your family.

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  2. shadowstorm 15 years ago

    Thank you, I'll have some pics on here of him soon…he is just so darn cute…Love & Light to you, Shadowstorm

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