I'm so confused and frustrated but same time scared and worried. I have now ended my five sessions of therapy and have to wait for another 3 months if I feel I want it again. Which is BULLSH**. I should be getting more therapy sessions than 5. I'm in need of them. In the meantime of each therapy session I've been visiting my doctor for extra help and have been sort of diagnosed with Cyclothymia. I also found that 2 other distant members of my family have BiPolar and I have been told by many people from looking at my rational behaviour and mood swings that I could have BiPolar. I mentioned this to my doctor and she said it would explain alot about the way ive been and will need proper assessment to either confirm this theory or rule it out. I mentioned this also to my therapist and he thinks it's a great idea to get assessed as to know for definite what in fact I do have. However, still waiting for assessment. I'm feeling scared because I know I have something wrong, whether its BiPolar, Cyclothymia or much worse I have something wrong. Whilst at work I worked a function which was a charity for BiPolar people and I spoke to this guy about it and he was saying how it affects him but he's on medication which helps him and I explained my side and he said alot of symptoms similar to him. I've been looking further into it, because if it is BiPolar, I need to be on medication and therpay at all times and needs controlling and monitoring, however least I know what it is. If it isn't BiPolar then it's something much worse, I've been reading upon different symptoms to different things and I have 5/6 symptoms of BPD also. So I'm scaring myself but worried and need to know what it is I do in fact have because after 9 years of this I'm getting worse and worse.

  1. harvey01 7 years ago

    I'm sorry. I know it is frustrating and scary. If you can get the assessment do so. These are hard things to diagnose. Hang in there.

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  2. ocey_docie 7 years ago

    I agree with Harvey, hang in there,don\'t give up.. I\'m pretty sure my daughter has bipolar with the moood swings, but she refuses to believe it., I talked to my doc and she said, until your daughter can accept the fact she may be bipolar, theres nothing i can do, its up to her to want the help, its so frustrating, she is only 22..

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  3. pe21 7 years ago

    That\'s what I mean, I\'m only 21 and it\'s so so scary and no one understands. I\'m speaking to people and they don\'t understand why I\'m scared when im finally getting a diagnosis. Im getting a diagnosis of what I don\'t know yet and it\'s the unknown that\'s scary as this will depict my life and future. Your daughter needs to accept something is wrong and having an assessment will either confirm it or rule it out completely but she needs to know in order to help her. I hope she gets help.

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