Howdoo everbody. Hope your all in good spirits, as good as we get anyways.

I recently applied for a new job, handed in my application last saturday and was very confident of getting it. Nothing major, just working in a different shop to the one i presently work in.I've spent nearly five years in my present job and i've decided it's time to move on and meet new people. Working in a shop may cause its fair share of SAism but it's about the only job i can get.

 After a week of waiting i received a letter this morning to tell me my application was unsuccesful, it was dated tuesday so it took them about 2 days to decide i wasn't what they wanted.This is a place that employs hundreds of people and yet they have nothing available right now. To say i'm gutted would be an understatement.

Just as i'm trying to get my act together this happans. I lack confidence as it is and here i am , first sign of rejection, getting all unhappy again. I'm thinking of waiting untill after Xmas to look for something else, i want a full time job and everyone only wants part time people at this time of the year. I'm sure theres something out there for me.

 I've got a week off work now so i've got plenty of spare time to think things over and plan ahead.The girl i like wasn't at work this week so i didn't get the chance to speak to her and now I'M off for a week i'll have to keep waiting to ask her out/declare my hopelessly undying love/make a fool of myself. I have that to look forward to atleast.

If you've reached this point, well done. Have a

 Bye for now.


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