My mom and I had a great time in California. The hotel was a hop, skip and jump away from the 'Street Market' in Venice Beach which was always crowded with people, performers, artists, all sorts of stores and great places to eat. We took a walk along the beach, went to Universal Studios, the Hollywood walk of fame, the Chinese Theater, visited Beverly Hills, walked on Rodeo Drive, shopped on 3rd and Promenade St. and had breakfast on the Santa Monica Pier.

It was tiring but well worth it! I didn't worry about anything ~ I always worried about getting sunburnt….but that's what sunscreen is for! Put some on, took off my shoes and walked on the beach. Whereas, in so many other times, I wouldn't want to go anywhere in the sun. I didn't want to get sunburnt. Not anymore.


One of the days, my mom and I had accidentally gotten on the wrong bus ~ the bus headed to UCLA which happened to be the end of the route and the complete oppositeto whereour hotel was ~ my mom did get very bothered when we began to realize we were heading further away from our hotel but I calmly told her there was "nothing we could do so let's enjoy the $1 ride." She was still upset….but I wasn't. I looked out the window and enjoyed the scenery. I learned to let go. And that's how I felt the entire trip. Whatever began to bother me….I quickly let it go and focused on what I was enjoying.I was enjoying the moment. We ended up back to our hotel…..took a lot longer but we got there. No harm done.


Overall, it was a very nice vacation. I tried to post some pictures but I kept getting the 'upload failure' notice. Tried to copy and paste but couldn't do that either. Oh well…'s all good.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Take care all.


Peace everyone.

  1. aidaverdi 11 years ago

    Very nice, stay close to your mom and enjoy life…I want to go to Venice beach someday only been at “Venice beach FL” best sunsets in Florida….lol

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  2. ladydye 11 years ago

     AHH The 5 buck tour of LA .. LOL I toook that from Santa Monica to Rsseda..

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