Today I'm going to start writing a blog because I hopeing it can help myself and others try to deal with depression. This one will be a little about myself and my past so I can truly get a good start. I have grown up all my life in Washington State in the U.S. I suffer/ suffered from cronic and major depression. My cronic depression comes out on a regular basis and this is what i will be talking about the most. I have suffered from major depression probably twice in my life for about 3-6 months with each but the chronic has always been there. I'm going to try and give tips to people because I have seen therpists and the thing that truly helped my was relationships and talking to others. I know what it is like for this because it probably has been 7-8 years ish. The main reason im starting this blog is to help others because many people think including myself for awhile that they are alone but this is to try and show people that they are not and there are people willing to talk to them. the thing I lencourage most is sending me a message or commenting because I truly want to help espeically one on one because it will help me as well. Back to myself through, I currently am 18 years old so i have have had this condition for 1/3 of my life. I just graduated from high school and currently enrolled in college for engineering. I love cats (which i will discuss later) and Pokemon. That is just a breif summery and i am going to start expressing how i feel on hopefully a consistant basis because I want to help someone with advice and hopefully get some as well.Thanks for reading this and hopefully it is a start to a better beginning.

Tip: ( I will try to include a tip from my experience so this can truly help others)

Write a comment or a message describing yourself and how your day was because it is good to talk and realize you are not alone.

Thanks and May the Force be with you


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