A lot of changes have been happening where I work. People (friends) have been laid off due to budget cuts.Some co-workers have been resigning due to the new 'boss' who has been hired to make those changes ~ huge rumour is that he laid off two clinic managers to hire one, who happens to be his mistress…and the way those two look at each other, I seriously doubt that isa rumour but until any facts are made public, it shall continue to stay that way. The place is not being run properly. Anyone who speaks up is ignored. Everyone is walking on egg shells. Two Doctors have left because of this new boss ~ they seriously butted heads ~ and one Nurse Practioner recently gave her resignation because she had enough of the politics going on.


A lot of the up roar is that all employees recieved an email stating we are unable to file for unemployment because the clinic we work for is under a 'church law' and therefore is exempt from paying taxes which conventiently does not pay for unemployment. The clinic is run by a Presbyterian Church and the CEO (including his wife) is a pastor who refuses to listen to his employees and always seems to be hiding behind this new boss he hired to do the firings for him.


I have been applying for other jobs but have yet to recieve any response. I'm nervous. Especially about the unemployment part….can't seem to get another job plus the thought of starting all over again….having to explain to a new supervisor of my HIV status. My current supervisor has been very understanding. It's ok with her when I go into work a little late to have my blood work done or when I have to leave a little early for my Drs appointments.


In the mean time, I'm going to keep doing my job, going to work and continue looking for another job. At least I have a job which I am greatful for but I'm not to sure how much longer that's going to last.


  1. Momma 11 years ago

    i am so sorry Marc….there is nothing more miserable that dealling with bosses that make life miserable and having no control over the situation. Except having to wash rinse repeat every freaking day.  Good luck on the job search….no doubt you will be happier in the end.

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  2. MarcAnthony 11 years ago

    I strongly believe, when the time is right ~ change will happen…..and it will happen for the better.

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