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Well, today is Valentine's Day at last! This morning when I woke up I was thinking about the times in elementary school when it was mandatory to bring everyone a valentine's day card. Then in middle school everyone suddenly could choose to bring valentines and whatnot to their friends. From sixth grade until tenth grade, on Valentine's Day I would get all of my friends cards and chocolate, and send flowers to people who I believed deserved something on Valentine's Day. Through out that time, though, my friends would bring things to the lunch table and pass out chocolate and flowers to their friends. It does hurt being at a table with your supposed friends and being the only one to not even get a hershey kiss when they said that they were giving things to only their friends. After going through five Valentine's Day of that, I was ready to lay low this year and spend time at home playing my flute while hanging out with my dog. I have an excellent sister and friend though who managed to bring up my mood for the day though. My friend got me a flower, and my sister sent me a flower and bag of hershey kisses. The chocolate was amazing, and it did bring up my mood a lot (chocolate tends to do that :D).

Either way, this did make me realize a very important thing about Valentine's Day that I had forgotten about through the bullying in middle school. It is a time to show other's that you care about them. If you even think about sending someone a flower, card, or thing of chocolates, do it. When I actually got something for Valentine's Day this year, I started to realize how many people do not get anything for Valentine's Day. Some of which were people that I do see on a day to day basis, and nobody deserves to be left alone on Valentine's Day. When Valentine's Day comes around next year I will try to stop reading the anti-valentines day poems (although they are pretty funny) and start sending flowers to those people who I consider friends along with those that I care about.


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