I just got back from the Red Sox game. First game I've been to sober in a long time. It was a weird experience. Last time I was at Fenway I had relapsed. The same exact weather. I actually had the same feeling when I was going to get peanuts as I did last year; I WANTED A DRINK. It felt like time never went by since the last time I got a beer. I didn’t even have to ask God for help. The feeling by passed so quickly and when I was walking back to the seats I felt relieved and my mood got so much better. With the rain delay came 2 extra hours of people drinking. Lol, I have been in gibberish conversations, beer spilled on me and watched a guy try to video tape take cell pics then look for is digi cqam.  I laughed off tredding through crowds where people have lost the ability to hear "excuse me". I did get quite annoyed when this one dude wouldn't move. I had to push my way through. I thought to myself."I too have been there”. So many times, so drunk, I had to be physically escorted. I just moved on by and joined the large crowds of people Chanting the Celtics in the Pavilion Deck. Sadly the C's blew a good opportunity. I caught another inning of the baseball game then had to get ready to go. In Boston the train stops running at 12:30 am. ( I guess it doesn't bother me because I don't go out to the clubs like I use to and if I do I can just drive now.) On my way to the T were crowds of drunk people. I can't believe how much of an ass I made of myself in the past. I got home safely. I very thankful I got there. Many times in the past I never made it to the game because I didn't want to cross the street and 'leave the bar'Wow that felt so good to just free write like that! Goodnight it s late 😉


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