Shared with me thought i would share it with you!!!!!! NA Hugs,   JJ

You fall asleep frightened. This hurts my heart. I long to comfort you. I long to hold you steady in my arms, cradled serene and safe. I want you to fall asleep laughing, to sleep with a smile on your lips. I will guard you while you rest. I will protect you as you dream. You do not need to be vigilant. I am your protector. I cherish you.

The night holds no threat for me. I welcome its blackness and its calm. I planned the night. It is intended to comfort you. The stars watch over you as you sleep. The moon keeps an eye on you.  You are not alone. You are well guarded.
Allow me to meet you at nightfall. Tell me your day before you sleep. Tell me the dreams you are harboring. Allow me to weave them while you rest. I am able to fulfill your dreams. I have miracles at my disposal. I am all powerful and, too, I am your friend. Come dream with me.
Rest in my arms. Confide your secrets to me. Tell me of each day's journey. I listen with a lover's heart. I am ready to hear all that you have to say. Nothing you whisper is too small for me.  Nothing you sigh is too large for me. I am your perfect partner. I am the safety that you yearn for, the harbor you fear you cannot find. Of course you can find me. I am with you always.  I am a part of you as you are a part of me. Can you see that we are one?
With Love,
Your Higher Power.
  1. asianqt31 12 years ago

     I love it!! Thank you for sharing.


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  2. piglet 12 years ago

    wow…I felt waves of energy and goosebumps reading that!!

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