1. jayce 2 years ago

    what kind of feedback did you want?

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  2. jayce 2 years ago

    look, i dont speak for everyone, but i am most definitely speaking for me. i can give you feedback on anything if thats what you really want, its not going to be nice or pretty, it probably wont even be insightful in a way that would be worth anything to you. this site is a fucking two way street and youve obviously noticed that everyone wants to go one direction on it. people show up here more to get help than to give it, its just the nature of being desperate i guess, you know that
    i can give you my angry hateful advice all fucking day if feedback is all youre looking for… or i can sit back and let these things play out in more capable hands, if they show up that is… for now all you have is me to disregard.

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  3. Author
    pinkygayle101 2 years ago

    Thank Jayce for you spew.
    One direction you shall go.

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