I'm worried.

My ex-boyfriend from when I was 16 contacted me about a week ago apologising for his imaturity and the way he acted when we were younger. Obviously my first love hurt a lot, but I am over it and don't think about it at all. I wondered if there was something wrong, this blast from the past must have been triggered by something.

I txtd him n asked if everything was ok, it took him a while to come out a bit but eventually he sent me a long email telling me of his problems. He's at rock bottom now, no money or job, no place to stay and no support from family. He has a daughter now who he gets to see once every two weeks, but can't really coz he has nowhere to take her.

After his email, I sent him a longer one telling of my story, and how my life hasn't exactly been peachy since we parted. He sent me another more detailed one telling of his suicide attempts and how he just feels jaded all the time. He told me he was going to hide, and signed off with "goodbye, jaded."

He hurt me a lot when I was younger, but I don't blame anything on him. He was an asshole of course, but it was a long time ago and I'm over it. I'm worried about him. I think he's saying goodbye to everyone, why else would he contact me? I don't want to tell my current boyfriend as I don't think he will understand my concern. I know I don't have feelings for this guy at all, but why can't I get him out of my head? I feel silly for worrying after he was so horrible so long ago.

What should I do? Am I stupid for worrying?

  1. Tesla 11 years ago

    It's been a little while now. Did you tell your boyfriend? Have you heard anything more from this ex?

    My train of thought follows yours in that it sounds like he's saying good-bye to everyone. If I were in your situation, I'd be worried as well.

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  2. hippychik87 11 years ago

    i didnt tell my bf.. but ive kept in touch with this ex n he's doing ok now.. he is on meds n is on the up i think.

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