I just wanted to get on here and talk about some of the issues I am dealing with and see if anyone else is dealing with something similar.

   My memory has gone way out the window. It is so bad that I find myself asking the same questions over and over. I remember asking the question but do not remember the reply. If I were to drive often by myself I would become lost on a regular basis I am sure of it. I have lived in this area since 1999 or 98 but my husband has to remind me to turn here or there. I frequently use the wrong word for items when speaking and do not realize it until my husband corrects me. The other day I asked for Ice cream with my dinner but what I meant was sour cream.  Sometimes I just completely draw a blank as to the word I want to use and have found myself more and more having to describe the item I mean in order to find out what it is called. These things are multiple times a day not just every once in a blue moon so I am becoming more and more concerned. 

    My vision is blurring up a bit. This seems to happen to me on and off. Especially the past two years. I also get strange sensations like tingling and numbness alot. Something will either go numb or tingling and eventually it will go away. It feels kind of like when you are sleeping on an arm or something and it falls asleep but my fingers or toes or other areas will tingle even with good circulation.  Almost a year ago I was sitting at the computer desk and my jaw went numb and somewhat down my neck. It was gone by the next day but it was really scary.

    Also, sometimes I feel light headed or dizzy and sometimes the room spins for a little while. It does go away but it seems to come out of no where and occurs without panic or anxiety. It used to trigger anxiety but it happens so often now that I just have learned to not be alarmed and just ignore it.

    The doctors did tests for blood clots and heart issues but every test I have had on me has come back completely normal and I am completely healthy other than PCOS. I have had just about every test known to man. 24hr urine, tons and tons of blood tests and even a CT scan. I have not had an MRI though.

     I am not on any medication. I am not really feeling depressed. My anxiety this past week has been under control and I have been having an easier time of it. So even though doctors tell me it is depression that is causing memory issues and cognitive issues I am just not buying it because I feel pretty good other than my strange symptoms.

   I am just wondering could it be all in my head? All of the tests say I am healthy as a horse. I just feel wierd and kind of like I am drunk or drugged. Like I feel lethargic on top of everything else. I dunno. This all sounds crazy after I have read it over again. Maybe it is just stress and I am in denial.


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  1. afwifek 12 years ago

    Thanks guys for all the answers. Yes I have brought it up to my doctor but I am afraid she is just a family doc.  I do all of the driving not my husband.. I am not on any medication of any kind as I stated.  I took Nexium but that is just for stomach acid. I was having memory issues before taking that though. 

       I am going to ask to see a neurologist next time I am in.  If I wanted to hold down a job I could not as of right now just because of the cognitive issues I have developed.  It's like I just woke up stupid one day and was fine before that.

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