1. melody-renae 2 years ago

    Id like to share a little bit about when i came out 5 years ago to my parents. I am 32 now. I identify as bisexual. Ive known since i was 18 (i kinda knew before that but didnt really know what to make of it). I knew my mom would be accepting but i had a feeling my dad would freak out. The fear of upsetting my dad is what held me back from telling my parents. My dad is old school, religious, and openly homophobic. It wasnt until i met a girl that i wanted to seriously date that i gained the courage to tell my parents. I was living with them at the time and i wanted to be open about having my potential girlfriend over and not have to pretend she was just a “straight” friend. When i eventually did tell my parents, my dad did have a bad and very dramatic reaction. He was upset for months. But eventually he got over it. Me and that girl never got serious, but i felt like the cat was out of the bag and i didnt have to pretend to be straight in front of my parents. I felt like i was really leaving it up to them to either love me as i am or not. At least i was being true to myself. Me and my dad have a good relationship now we just dont talk about my girl crushes. Ive learned to live with that. I recommend coming out when you feel like you can love yourself and lean on others if your parents dont have a supportive reaction. Good luck!

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    freshordinance4 2 years ago

    Thank you :3

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