Life seems to have a tendency to turn peoples worlds upside down out of nowhere. One minute things feel almost perfect the next you’re wondering what happened. That is what happened to me in less than a week. First i learned that my best friend in all the world was moving away. I wasn’t able to spend much time with her before she left because of her boyfriend. He tends to get pretty jealous if shes around anyone but him. Around the time she was leaving actually a few days before the person I had an unofficial relationship with ended up ghosting me. The later in the day after my best friend left she messaged me saying she figured out why I was ghosted. Apparently the guy got a girlfriend and decided he couldn’t talk to me anymore. I actually wasn’t even really upset he got in a relationship it’s the fact that he won’t answer any messages. I trusted way to quickly this time around and it really back fired on me. It makes me want to not have any real connection with anyone ever again but I know that would lead to a worse life. I’m so lost now and i don’t know what to do. I’m scared to open up cause I don’t want to get hurt. But all I want to do is express my exasperation of the entire situation. So I suppose this is the middle ground. I hope something goes my way soon.


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