I feel like my whole life has been a time of shallow breathing and today I asked myself, “are you even breathing?” For some time now I haven’t. Not since the day you died and definitely not since I could remember.

Breathing is something involuntary but I’ve always felt like I had to voluntarily breathe. Yeah I know, horrible, but this is how I’ve coped with not ending it all. “Choosing to breathe” even if it means shallowly….


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  1. iopsydoc101 3 years ago

    Breathing is so important. It regulates our circadian rhythm. I felt like that too. Where breathing is taken for granted. Just going by passing time.
    Every day we finish a quota of our breathing system.
    Breathing is life.

    We need to more mindful and conscious of our breathing. It helps to erase depression and anxiety. Do you go out often in nature? Take a moment to appreciate it.
    Everything is subject to change. Inhaling and exhaling is itself a mystical experience.

    Do not be hard on yourself. If you consciously breathe, you will realize that it magically increase hours in your day, makes you productive and creative, makes skin puff with a rosy glow as air gushes in.

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