Some writies about human rights and what i want the NHS to do:

I want all exits and entrances to buildings and care homes to be unlocke d.

to survive you need to want to survive and you need to feel safe and healthy, which is secured by structure in the people employed to have direct communication links in looking after you. They should be listening, not doin g. Be understood and understand others with the same coin and do these things by doing the other side. The internal mechanics of personal relations, some relations are personal, some arnt. Growth developing competance. Need to gain education for your career. We need to be spoken and listened to. Also in the language and communication in a medical curiosity summary that takes centre stage of both opponents to prove soundabillity. what does the opponent spokespersons inheritant do when listened to with all these warriours with their swords and sheilds, what shows and what gets punished in a very natural un time diated healthy way? Physically, in the 6 human senses? Do they display fight flight or freezing? Lets gettim!!! Their inheritant survival needs and strategies are visable, transparant and you can summarize this.

how do all these things feed and home your spirit? Not your soul.


how does our other half expand their potential and how do we get to them

soul searching in our lovers, not in our rivals, gives us freedom from poison and identity definition when we compare with our own souls



I want to move back to lowry ward

i want to move all my stuff to the place i live

Unlimited leave if followed 24/7 on satellite cameras

a job in vodafone customer care call centre office with a normal human being boss not a freak doing gross things. Or a pervert.

i want also gradually magic rules to be made impossibl e.

tyne grange to be fillled with family including everyone who works for them.

to work in reception of my first real apprentice job, well my second in jesmond in newcastle. There if you want me you can find me face to FACE young mann, at the reception of a hotel

Everyone woken up, no trance states orfreaky dreams or fantoes please everyone.

No danger (explore all causes of suffering)

newsletter me a pathway sequeence out of prison tell me navigationally which way to go as i am lost this is embarrasssing but i am so lost and do it by leaving a comment for a change.

i know you need home, love, promotion, company physically, cloaeness with in orde r of your favourite.

Angels assigned half and half. Guidance. Signposting service.

layn in. Sign on when not working.

everyone has the abillity to call for an ambulance and get a hospital bed and get rechecked over every half hour for when they need to shit and the pervert workers employed here hold them down on rhe floor and dont ler thme sit on the toilet screaming for medical attention they give birth to babies in here aswell get babies taken off them.  Feedback improve services. Code of practice.complaints dept: online survey       complaints     0191 245 6672.   Patient info centre 01912467288

Use the figures i gave you in my human rights writies to pick out, rearrange and use to backu p, your attack. Attack the right ones, use your best bodies.

When talk to staff directly in care, wont make communication with me and any other service representatives. Doctor or workers anymore or when it suits them to do a certain thing. Lies.

when layn in, i will write for you, after no locked door, blogs and tweets if you add me. when layn in you can sign on by telling employer or pressing one button on your completed universal credit application then come back to work when your not on shift.

to be continued…


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    aloneforevernew 8 months ago

    I need knowing the direction to go, i need some care to be taken away, giving me freedom, i need people to accept the justice was being without brian for a long time.
    Contribution and creation; value those around us, vice versa.
    Need to recieve gifts from lovers ( instead of others its lovers, especially if your a taker) and not poisons
    Contribution( a say to change / to be things. Impact listened to and taken on be the boss in employment.
    Know our design. what were good at bad at, so we can operate in our element, we need to be able.
    So we can travel move along the imaginings expressing ones we like want and dont.
    Self and others actualisation of wants and diswants
    Esteem identity significance human need. For me ita like whats the purpose from them? Not from or for you.

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    • Author
      aloneforevernew 8 months ago

      I want the ataff to stop stealing all the bvape cartridges to help quit smoking and stop stealing the apple and orange juice and the cranberry juice etc.

      I want you to buy some hardback pukka pads and paperblanks books, some nice bero pens in your favourite colours do some writing about 5 things writing as little as possible çombined with as much as possible explanation and the main point. The point is what changes you want . what you want for yourself in what you want rid of and what you want to gain. What they all want in what they want rid of and they want to gain from themselves or lovers or you then explain a deal so you do one thing for them they do one thing for you.
      Heres your canvas stop and by the way i really literally fucking love your doodles on me i love rhem but let me free for gods sake you can watch this canvas anywhere? what do you want from me leave a comment and write something all i have is bullie on facebook leaving comments and danny crosslet draw me something for a change just drawme something.
      Pick your favourite expressions and write in one paragraphy then sum up that paragraph in one sentence then tturn into a closed question. a yes and no question they cant ascape and tweet it to Boris J.

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