I feel so lost, so suffocated. I shouldn’t feel this way. Yesterday I got word that the company I interviewed with on Monday wants to hire me. I should be ecstatic. I kind of am. I want out of this job, have for a long time now. I just am starting to freak out. Change is not one of my favorite activities. I will often convince myself again and again that the place I’m at ‘Isn’t that bad’. So here’s what I’ve got so far:



  • It’s close to my home
  • It is pretty lenient as far as taking time off
  • It's familiar
  • I can screw off online when things are slow
  • I enjoy the ‘reception’ aspect of my job      
  • They have made mention that they think I do work well.
  • Dress code is lenient/casual Fridays
  • Can go to dr appt as needed


  • I have taken on lots of extras and not gotten compensation for it.
  • My bosses are jerks for the most part
  • I have 6 people all pushing me around making me do crap they could easily do themselves
  • I, in general despise waking up in the mornings to come here
  • President of company will patronize me to my face
  • As receptionist/secretary I’m see as second class citizen to the recruiters
  • I do not like the lack of open communication w/in the company
  • I dislike that I will not be getting annual reviews or raises based on work and merit 

So that is that. As far as the new job….it is all pretty unknown. I know that I will be receptionist and back up for the administrative assistants and accounting dept when needed. I know that its alwalys business professional dress. I know that its a more 'executive' environment, more so then I'm used to. I know that at least the woman hiring me is nice, seemed easy to talk to. I worry that things might be the same or worse as far as environment goes. I know that the receptionist before me left because she was retiring where that was never the issues at this job…everyone just quit here because my boss is a bit snappy and condesending. I know that I should probably leave but i feel some unwarrented and probably unhealthy obligation to stay here. 🙁

Anyways, sorry…I feel like all I do is bitch and complain about my job and now here is my door out and now i'm getting cold feet. I just hate change so much. It scares me more then living and working at a job that I dispise. :hmpf:





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