So I created this account, what, last year?  Wow.

I think I ran away because I was tired of logging in and seeing everyone else having conversations and stuff while I was just there alone.  So…

This week I think is a big turning point for me.  I've been posting a lot of blogs at SAF just keeping myself going and stuff.  I've learned a lot about myself and I think I'm less afraid of being alone right now.

There was talk about this site not too long ago (SAF is almost like a duplicate really, that was my first thought upon finding that place) and considering the absurd things happening over there… I kinda remembered this place.  I think I probably should give it another try.  It's so much more active, lol.

I'm having a lot of doubt.  The things I really like are the blogs.  And I'm torn between keeping up two different profiles and two different blogs.  I already spend enough time on the comp., lol =p  I guess instead of importing my entries I'll just keep important things on here too so I can keep reminding myself of them.  I guess?

And maybe I'll find people who actually would talk to me, lol! tongue

I guess there's nothing wrong with keeping two different profiles, right?

So… I guess I'll do a brief recap on what's happened since… last year, lol.  I recently read a book… I was stuck and I was looking for the next step in recovery.  I had changed my whole outlook (or so I thought), including exercising and calorie counting.  But I went through a really rough couple of weeks… and then I figured out (FINALLY!) that deep down I was still treating myself horribly and unfairly.  So I've changed the way I think about myself, including being so much more fair and I've begun to respect myself as I would respect anyone else.  I hope that this continues to help me, finally moving from that stuck position…

I think I'll be ok.  I know I'll recover now.  But now I'm confounded over this place and SAF :p  I don't like what I've heard about the incident.  Though I've got, what, six added friends there, LOL!  Heheheh.


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  1. gore 15 years ago

    Hehe, I can tell you EXACTLY what happened 🙂

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