OK…. Its official. I have been playing with the power between my legs since Monday March 9th. I cant help it. Its the most amazing feeling to twist it and play with it! I am not ashamed and will cry out loud that …YES….HOLY CRAP YES! >>> I picked up my motorcycle on Monday! I had not ridden a motorcycle since I was 16, it was my brothers Ninja. I wrecked that thing more times than I could count back then, ofcourse I was also doing wheelies for 1/2 miles at a time and reaching 100mph racing on Gandy bridge was just another Friday night in Florida! I was real lucky to make it to 17 let me tell ya. Anyhow, my new motorcycle is a 2007 Honda 750 VTX Cruiser. I got a GREAT deal on it because they were closing out the remaining stock of 2007's.  I have been riding my bike everywhere. I forgot just how much fun it was.  Mind you I am a bit more reserved now being married and having two kids, but you just can't beat the feeling – its Almost as good as Sex – Yeah I said Almost, Im really good at sex. Anyhow, I apologize for not being online bit I have been out there riding around like crazy. Even went to two bike nights at local bars and restaurants. I think I'll probably take it to the BHIVE social we are hosting in October, Hopefully my wife (Juliette on this site) will bring the car too! Well I just had to say that I love this bike and I so love riding it. I broke it in the first day and the odometer went from 0 to 75 miles before I was done. Curiously  I went to the gas station and filled up my tank (because they give it to you full when you get it) and bought 1.35 gallons of fuel! Thats like crazy mileage! It blew my mind away because my other vehicle is a 2005 Chevy Silverado p/u truck and I'm not saying what it costs me to fill that sucker up. Anyhow, I've come to one conclusion – I love that damn bike!


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  1. sweetsteph 13 years ago

    lol,yea i havent been on a bike since my husband died in 1994 we used to takeoff and just ride till we  had to turn around and head back home i really miss it ,i love to ride

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