I'm glad to say, I've been listening to my inner voice more. Since I became aware of the resentment and anger I've held on for so many years my life has been easier…although, I'll be honest, it hasn't been easy to 'let go'.



I had such a negative attitude toward myself for so many years, sometimes, that negative old friend creeps up on me but my inner voice has become much more clearer for me whenever I hear "Stop. Let it go"…and I do. It does take a lot of work but I am happy to say, I'm much more happier with myself.



I used to dread the Holidays. The feeling of loneliness would overwhelm me year after year…..but, now, my feelings have changed. Instead of a continuous saddness of feeling lonely, I'm loving and appreciating what is happening around me ~ I now see the beautiful colors of Fall, I feel the wonderful cooler weather. I'm learning to finally let go of the negative feelings I would hold on to and listen to my inner voice telling me to appreciate my surroundings. Appreciate what I have instead of dwelling on what I don't have.



There is no longer any reason for me to visit and live in my past. I now realize, Ihave the choice of who I want in my life. I have become aware of people who seem to be nice….yet, slyly, love to gossip and backstab other people whom they would call friends. I simply, walk away. I no longer need such nonsense.



I'm on a journey to loving and accepting myself…..it's been a very long time coming but I can finally say, it was all up to me to make the decision and take the steps to experience life! A life, I alone, was depriving myself of. No one else was going to do if for me. It all came down to me. I decided to make a change. I decided to make me happy. I decided to listen to my inner voice.



Peace All.



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