It's been that long since I last wrote a blog here? Oops. That is a tendency I have–I will start a blog, then forget about it, or get too busy or lazy to write in it.

In the last year:

I started school again. I made it through my freshman year with a 3.1 GPA, but not without some hard knocks. This fall is going to be a tough semester. I'm majoring in biomedical sciences/medical laboratory technology and getting a certificate in Celtic Studies. So I'm learning human anatomy/physiology, general chemistry, Gaelic, Irish dance (the stepdance of little girls in wigs and embroidered skirts), and the like. I like diversity and variety in my life and this is working out well. Working mostly full-time and taking full-time credits is not conducive to a restful life, and my anxiety/depression hit full bore this winter. The long, cold, cloudy spring didn't help matters. I have to take anatomy/physiology II over again, because I got a C and I need a better grade, and I have to restart Gen Chem II. However, I'm doing very, very well in my Celtic classes, and my instructor was confident enough to let me take Gaelic III as an independent study because I wouldn't be able to do it this term due to another class, and I didn't want to wait until next fall, and I want to do the summer trip to Ireland in July next year.

I have adopted a second guinea pig. We have two boys now, Brendan and Patrick. Brendan is a grumpy old man, and Patrick is a shy but sweet boy.

My dad nearly died over the holidays. He had the flesh-eating bacteria (staph) infection. We nearly lost him, and then he nearly lost his leg. The doctors were able to save both, but he lost a lot of function in his kidneys, so now he's on dialysis. However, unlike people I've seen previously who were on dialysis, my dad is pretty much back to his old self. He drives himself to dialysis, can mow the lawn (he has a riding mower), can get around with the help of a cane, and is upbeat, positive and grateful for his life. I am grateful he is still with us.

My husband's dream of running a soccer team for young women has come true. He did a fundraising campaign and came up with the money he needed for fees, incorporation, equipment, etc. They started play a few weeks ago and have 1 win and 1 loss so far. They're a great group of women with amazing talent and good character. I'm proud of him for not giving up on his dream, and I hope it happens again next year.


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