So just lately I've been getting really bad dizzy spells when I stand up & I'm not sure whether this has any links to anxiety? I know that anxiety can have it's cheeky bonuses like tiredness & nausea that are just an extra kick in the teeth, but this is a new one I've not experienced & I'm not sure if it related at all…. Anyway, I'm just assuming it is because my mind has been working at a million miles and hour today and I just can't seem to get it to slow down. It's scaring me quite a lot because I don't want to be thinking at this speed.. And also it's very repetitive and exhausting thoughts. I have a major headache too :/ it's just not a very fun time up inside my brain just now :s I've found that I can deal with my anxiety really well over the past few years, but considering I've ditched medicines and any sort of brain training it concerns me when I feel like I've lost all control. When my mind races like this I just fear an attack is on it's way. I find this area helpful though (as I say in nearly every post lol) I'm just grateful that this space exists. I like to write down my thoughts so that there's not so many trapped in my head. Often when I feel panic about my bodies reactions I find focusing on describing them helps too. There's a tonne of things evolving in my life at the minute so I can clearly see where this is coming from, it always happens when there's big changes that I'm unsure of how to handle. I also feel a strange body numbness… Perhaps I'm just getting ill though. I'm desperately trying to get to sleep but my mind just will not shut down for the night :/ and even if it does I dream of such stressful & crazy things that it's never worth the sleep anyway. Anyways, that's just a mad splurge of my inside brain… Just felt it needed to come out somehow & somewhere.

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  1. JTSA 9 years ago

    Have you ever just sat and watched your brain go on? It is interesting to me, so many thoughts I have thought before, and how unimportant many of them really are. I have had to deal with racing thoughts, too, and it isn\'t pleasant. The physical symptoms are equally not fun. But I think Carl Jung said, \”that which we resist persists\” and I have found that the more I do NOT take me too seriously, the better I feel, especially when I get a big ugly fearful thought that brings on adrenaline. Sometimes I can even laugh out loud at my brain!

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