Whilst we wait for allopathic scientists to develop a cure for HIV lets consider a few things, whilst keeping a postive and supportive mindset for the work those scientists' are doing.


First – science has never cured or killed any virus – period.


Second – the humpan body can kill and control any virus if the conditions are right, perhaps we could say if the body, or immune response system, is correclty balanced.


Third – ARV's are fantastic. But, they are unfortunatley taken for life and they are very toxic and side effect laden.

It makes sense to therefore look at HIV a different way whilst we wait for the above as the allopathic cure could be generations away – if it happens.

Allopathic science focues on trying to inhibit or kill the virus. So lets develop a collective understanding of the root cause of many HIV symptoms and this may provide an approach by which complementary herbal support may be considered to nurture symptom recovery and enhance general wellbeing.




The digestive system sustains life via its ability to provide nutrients for the body systems, tissue, and bodily fluids. Without it all other systems would eventually fail to operate, fluids would either stop production or dry up, and body tissue would deteriorate. The digestive tract and its accompanying digestive organs are responsible for the absorption and digestion of all digestible products. Food can not be used for cellular health until after it has been broken down both mechanically and chemically then absorbed through the intestinal wall.


CD4 immune cells are the target of HIV. and 98% of those cells reside in the body's lymphatic tissue. Around 70% of that tissue lines the intestinal wall and is known as GALT (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue).

HIV targets CD4 cells, invading them, multiplying and killing them in the process. Thus there is typically a large and progressive buildup of HIV in the GALT and it may remain a major site of HIV activity even if drug treatment has reduced the HIV count in the peripheral blood.

The significant concentration and progressive build-up of HIV in the GALT can reduce the intestines ability to absorb broken down food and alter its liquid metabolism and balance. This can lead to frequent or persistent diarrhea, a loss of physical strength and weight with progressive undernourishment of the body's systems due to a lack of absorbed nutrition and loss of appetite.

Overcoming HIV induced diarrhea and weight loss

Specific blend herbs can stimulate HIV movement and flow in the GALT to restore nutrition absorption through the intestinal wall and recover the liquid metabolism of the gut. This effect progressively reinstates the body's nutritional process, eradicates diarrhea and alleviates weight loss. In addition as HIV cells emerge from the GALT into the gut area they are not able to survive, which contributes to progressive HIV viral load reduction.




The respiratory system is a vital part of the human body and must be fully operational to sustain life with quality. It relies on a competent and efficient mechanism to replenish the body with necessary oxygen. It consists of an extensive network of capillaries facilitating the exchange of oxygen within all the tissues in the body; without adequate delivery of oxygen the body's tissue cannot survive.

The skin is cleansed and replenished through the process of respiration, as are the muscles, joints and all the body systems. If respiration becomes deficient then skin problems, muscle and joint problems arise as well as other systemic problems.


From a Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) perspective the differential analysis of HIV in part recognizes it as a pathogenic heat invasion to the lungs. Pathogenic heat in the lungs reduces the respiratory and cleansing function leading to fever, cough, headache, muscles and joint pains. Toxin accumulation in the lung leads to the skin becoming inflamed and skin problems arise.

Overcoming HIV induced skin rash, joint and muscle pain

An appropriate herbal blend can eliminate pathogenic heat from the lungs and to replenish the respiratory system. This supports an HIV sufferer in several ways: the skin cleansing action of the lungs is progressively restored to nurture skin quality improvement and support recovery from HIV induced skin conditions; the reduced respiratory action of the lungs
is recovered to improve oxygen replenishment of muscles and
joints and alleviate pain in those areas, and in addition to support recovery from coughs and respiratory associated discomfort.




The lymphatic and cardiovascular systems are closely related structures that are joined by a capillary system. The lymphatic system is vital to the body's defense mechanisms as it filters out organisms that cause disease, it produces certain white blood cells and generates antibodies. It is also important for the distribution of fluids and nutrients in the body and it drains excess fluids and protein so that tissues do not swell up. It may be considered as the body's general maintenance system.

It is through the actions of this system including the spleen, the thymus, lymph nodes and lymph ducts/trunks that our body is able to fight infection. Through the flow of blood in and out of arteries, and into the veins, and through the lymph nodes and into the lymph, the body is able to eliminate the products of cellular breakdown and bacterial invasion.

CD4 immune cells are produced in and travel through the lymphatic system tissue and these are targeted by invading HIV cells. The concentrated build-up of HIV in the lymphatic system can disrupt lymph flow preventing nutrition delivery to the body systems. It can also cause lymph node blockage, which may inhibits immune functionality and the replenishment of depleted CD4 cells.

As part of the lymphatic system the spleen produces some white blood cells (infection and bacteria destroyer cells) and it also filters the blood and supplies iron to the blood. From a Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) perspective, the differential analysis of HIV in part recognizes it as wet toxin invading the spleen causing deficiency in the transformation, production and transportation of qi and blood.

The impact of these lymphatic aspects of the HIV infection are reduced systemic strength leading to both physical and spiritual weakness; painful lymph node swelling and increased susceptibility to opportunistic infection.

Overcoming HIV induced systemic weakness, lymph swelling and immune system decline:

An appropriate herbal blend will remove dampness from the spleen, nurture lymphatic flow and the production of lymphocytes. The progressive recovery of lymphatic functionality improves nutrient delivery to the body systems to eradicate systemic weakness. Improved lymphatic flow alleviates lymph swelling and lymphatic system replenishment supports CD4 recovery and immune system restoration.


A tangible begining to a complementary way forward…..



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