I guess I have a few years to catch ya'll up on…but for now I think I want to rant….I am not in Alabama anymore and right now I really miss it…Im in Arizona, and I dont understand the people out here…Im trying but I cant, not yet…I was turning on my waterhose, this morning and my cat followed me so I scooped her up so the neighbors dog wouldnt get her…when I came back to the front of my trailer the neighbor was there asking me what I stole from his yard, you know I really hate this guy now…This mess started a week or so ago, he came over and said he was being evicted, and his electric was off and could he plug up to my elec, for a couple days so he could see to pack his stuff up…I said ok, , now he looked real bad and hungry too , so I fed him supper with us for a few days…he's a real bad meth head, and I guess those folks are wierd…becausse he tried to give me money for the electric,, and I said why not swap for some of that lattice you got….he said yes…well when I went to get it he came over yelling that I stole that from him…so I took it back to his house, and unplugged him ….now every time I go outside hes coming over running his mouth…Ive already told the land lady, but since she didnt witness it, she cant help, and I cant call the police, because they are about as useful as dog turds…Ive called them on my son and his girlfriend when they were fighting…they pretty much told me too bad, and they left….in fact they told me if I wanted to insist on them being arrested, that they would arrest me too…they are sheriffs, and I guess they dont like working, cause they sure get mad when you ask them to do thier job….You know I just dont understand this place..this guy still gets 3 more days to stay here and be a dick,,,you know no one would have talked to me like that in Alabama….people show a little respect for old ladies out there…Im sorry, this is a sorry blog, but he just made me so mad….and you know I was watering my garden and he kept coming at me, I didnt realize it but I guess I was spraying him with the hose…i guess its a good thing I dont have a gun….you know I do believe Id use it…


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