Well Adam and I FINALLY had a date night. After months of sitting our butts home and planning one it finally happened. It would have happened a week ago but yours truly was running bass ackwards and made us late…WE turned around half way to Atlantic Station and decided that we didn\'t want to miss even a minute of the movie…I was in the dog house for just a minute but believe me, nobody can beat me up worse that I do myslef…You know that running dialog that most of us have in our heads? " Whats the matter stupid? What\'s WRONG with you/" …..

ANyway, Adam went to run errands yesterday and I surprised him by being dressed and ready when he drove up at 6PM…..I noted on my mental calandar that it was probably the first time I had ever watied for him to get ready!

The Downtown Connecter is a clusterF*** on a GOOD day and we enteed it right around the end of rush hour if you can call it the end. Rush hour never really ends in Altlanta any more and we now have the dubious honor of tying Los Angels for the longest commute time…GO  Dawgs.

WE got to Atlantic station in time to eat at California Pizza Kitchen, a guilty pleasute of saturated fats that we hadn\'t  indulged in for a long time.We  were probably the lowest maintainence people out server had all night.  In fact  servers PRAY for people like us….We didnt\' dawdle over our food for hours…..we asked for out check as soon as our food arived and we tipped 20%.  An note here people: Servers ( a.k.a. waiters to some of you) do NOT get paid minimum wage! The little money they get on payroll goes to pay the ammout they are taxed for the tips they are supposedly getting! These people rely soley on their TIPS to pay their bills. The MINIMUM decent tip is maybe 12% if  you\'re a cheap skate, but the going decent tip nowdays is around 15%…..Remember: you are paying for the convinience of being SERVED. If you can afford to go out to eat, you shoud be able to afford to TIP YOUR SERVER \"\"…..OK mini-rant over, now where was I?

ANYway, we made it inside the theatre in time for the movie trailers and I even had time to run back to the front to get some movie junk. It was unprecidented in my history of tardiness! Again, i marked it on my mental calandar…

The Movie….what can I say except  that it was the best Science Fiction movie that I have ever seen to date? Those who know me know that I lost the vision in my left eye a couple of years ago so that nixed the possibility of seeing it in 3-D……But even so….one ye blind and sitting on the very back row….it was nothing short of spectacular!  I was able ot suspend my usual critical side to just emerse myself in this beautiful love story. I even resisted the urge to look at my cell phone to see if I had gotten any calls and only had to pull it out once to shut off the ringer when RYEGUY called half way into the movie!  (THANKS RYE  lol ) The movie was sort of thr retelling of the Pochahontas legend in Adams view….It was just beautiful and moving and I really encourage anyone to see it while it is on the big screen.

PS: Date night was good….we really need to do this more often. We seem to have gotten into that comfortable rut where we just want to stay home , cook and a rent a movie….I really do miss living in Midtown quite a lot. A friend recently pointed out that we don\'t go out and do the party /dance thing anymore…and when we lived right intown we nearly never went to places like the Georgia Aquarium , the museum or the Theatre ( real theatre) unless if was to take out of town visitors or relatives to see these things….But the counter-point I made was.." Yes….but it was all just outside our door if we wanted to! "….What can I say? Life changes and if you would have told me 24 years ago when I tested hiv posieive that I would be living with the mate of my dreams, I would have told you to put down the rock and the pipe!

…another note to self:  Date night at LEAST once a month!\"\"

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  1. Bobby56 14 years ago

    and I was going to ask you how you liked the movie but now I know and from all that I’ve read here and heard elswhere I must go and see this movie……..hmmmmm, date night , that sounds good to me…. if I can ever thaw out……I HATE winter and all it involves, especially all those layers of clothes ( I hate clothes right behind winter !!)

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