Brenna 8yrs gal live in one room apartment wit her 4siblings 2boy 2gals and their parents all in one room bcos of poverty their dad won't do any work to assist their mother wit d family bills she do all d bills in d house and feed d family.their dd was such a wicked heartless being who deos nothin but drinking and beating their poor mum who toil day nd night to fend for d family. Oh God it is very late nd mum is not back yet, this is goin to b anoda night of war bcos they re going to fight again as soon as mum comes nd d whole neighborhood will gather as mum nd dad makes anoda scene. Brenna did not sleep thro out d night praying it doesn't happen, even as a child she knows wht it mean to ve a gud family nd she alwys blame her father for chosen to b lazy and leaving all d responsibilities to her mum alone, and mum in d other hand ve tried her best to make sure they don't lack so she always pray for mum protections, in her mind she was thinking what cud ve bin happenin to mum? Whr wud she ve bin by dis tym of d night? Oh god bring mum home safely , tho as a child she knows her mum was having an extra marital affairs she meet other men outside nd they do their things and they gives her money, but she loves her mum so much bcos whr will she get d money to carter for 5children? D sch fees hospitl bills clothigs etc ha it is too much on an under educated woman who earn less than 50 dollar? Suddenly bren slept off but b4 u cud say jack robinson there was a great fight and every one was awake watching d scene mum and dad were making, d only word bren could hear from her dad's mouth was u re prostituting so leave, she jump from d bed nd to her cryin mum and hugged her as she wept too, d crowd watched some laughed while some sympathised wit mrs john untill they finally desappear leaving bren and her mum alone in compuond ” mum its ok don't cry one day it will b over stop crying come and sleep as she was whiping d tears on her mum's face she discover there was blood on her left eye she ran to d room and pour some water in a bowl wit some salt and rush back to her mum she used a clothe and clean d blood nd applied some balm. “Mum cum in and lie down ” but d mum refused instead she told bren to go in and sleep cos d morrow was school but bren too refused to go” mum I will stay wit u her don't worry wen I grow up I will build u House nd Buy a car for u so u won't ve to suffer again. Little did she know dat life will cheat on her poor child, it started when she started goin to spend d night at her aunt's place which was just a walk away from their own house , that night she nd aunt lizzy went to sleep nd. She ddnt knw dat aunt lizzy had gone out dat she felt Man's finger in her lil private part she tried to run but he pushed her bck force himself on her that man happens to b her aunt's boy friend ,bren cried nd cried but no one come to helped her as if it wasnt enough he warned her not to say a word to any one els he kill her she grow up wit fear. Man who was older than her raped her ,her father hates her what a pity? She grew up in an environment whr only her mum loves her gradually she began to give up on her Dreams, no one was seeing any gud tin she does or say her father who never bought her pant was d one dat hate her d most he beats her nd call her names over every lil mistake she makes, at tyms she even felt she is unfortunate on earth Nine yrs later she was gang raped again by her aunt's step son, d son of same man who raped her wen she was a child as if dat was not enough she was raped again in school by d river side wen a senior student sent her to get her water late in d night. The surprising thin is she never disclosed this to any one not even her mum dat she love so much. She kept On moving with her life in trauma and anger, Time went and few years later she found love in. A Man she thot wud love her and undrstnd her she got married to him and anoda chapter of badluck started in her life he beats her nd treats her like a piece of garbage he flirts wit women and bring dem home at a slight chance, she became Fed up nd left him at dat tym he has already infected her with HIV she ddnt know untill he bcame ill few months after she left him he sicked nd died. Just when she was about to pick d pieces of her life together she receives a phone from home dat her mum was sick, by d tym she reached home she entered her mum's room it was dark she light a candle what she saw was her mum's skeleton on d bed, she cudnt believed it she lied on d bed closed to her mother hugged her and cried a river but her mum comforter her nd told her not to give up it is price One ve to pay for the life he /she lived, she told her dat she was diognosed wit d killer desease called aids and she had made peace with God and was goin to die but BRENNA should promise her dat she will make it in life and make her proud even in d grave “brenny I ve fail u and ur siblings I am sorry my baby” but bren hush her up by kissing her on the cheek and said “say no more my belove mum u didn't disappoint us, but u made us proud bcos u gave us d best every mum cud give her children no one ever had a better mum u re my hero and my mentor I love u mum u re d best mum on earth. Three days later mrs john died and bren cried and cried untill there was no more tears left for her to cry again. Bren went on with her life knowing dat one day she will sick and die ,the day came and she was tested + she wasn't surprised but was afraid she was going to die nd d world will know that she was + she prayed and cried to God nt to take her life and she promise to serve God from then onward ,for three weeks she did not sleep nor eat everything became usless to her it affected her brain and some of her friends, I mean almost all of her friends left her it was only d grace of God dt kept her alive cos her cd4 count became as low as 40 nd there was no blood in her, infact she went on oxygen bcos she she coughed untill she cudnt breath anymore but today making it 4yrs her cd4 is above 1000 nd she is back in school nd is working in. Company that is working in her favour, now everbody in her family is looking up to her. It is sad that her father died when she was down and hospitlised so he couldn't witness what God is using BRENNA to do for d family. When there is life there is hope.

  1. patie 9 years ago

    such a sweet sad story. felt like crying wen i was reading it . Brenna will live.

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  2. emerald432 9 years ago

    Tnx patie u are a wonderful frnd

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