Well, for some reason my last account got deleted, sooo…. Take 2!

My name is Danielle Tolmais. I am a professional athlete, master’s student, pianist, artist, sister, daughter…. but also just a human. Just a girl. And much like other humans, I have struggled to get through days, and had ups and downs that led me to wanting to give up and run away. I struggle with depression, anxiety, disorderly eating… and I’m over it.

This blog is going to be a lot of things for me, but most importantly it will be a sanctuary. I commit now to post something, even if its just a few words, every day to get myself through this year. It will include the following:

  • New things I’ve learned
  • Helpful resources I’ve discovered
  • Daily feelings and thoughts
  • Food blogging

Surely I will come up with other things that won’t fit into these categories, and that’s okay. The most important thing is that I am being totally honest with myself, giving credit for my successes and gracefully accepting my failures, and holding myself accountable. This is with the goal that when I am done I will be one step closer to being a more peaceful, happier, and healthier daughter, sister, me.

So now, here we are. Day 1. I guess I’ll start today with a little introduction of why I’m doing this, that way if I ever seem to forget I can come back and remind myself.

Getting through the days is hard. Sometimes even just getting out of bed is near impossible. Keeping the tears back and not showing your weakness. Getting into bed at the end of the day knowing you have to do it all over again tomorrow. Feeling like you’re doing it all virtually alone.

Now, you are not alone. This blog is your safe space, your freedom; here, you can be completely transparent, no judgement. You can cry or cheer and say whatever you need to say. Put it all down here, read it out to yourself, and then let it go. Do that everyday for the next year, just to get you through the year. And remember: you aren’t really alone, even if you think you are. When you think that way, or if you are in need of motivation, just look at the picture above.

You deserve this.



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