Well the car has passed it's MOT (Just) and I'm off to see G for the Bank Holiday weekend tomorrow morning!

I can't wait – I always get excited and last time we had a GREAT two weeks so I am hoping we will be the same this time – Hope springs eternal.

The only thing I am slightly worried about is last week he went down to London and wouldn't tell me why exactly but I know his Docs is there and when he came back he said that it hadn't gone well and that we would talk about it when I came down – I hope everything is ok – he has been unwell for some time now – not any major stuff but LOTS of minor things (I do understand that his immune system isn't perfect so maybe I am overreacting)

Its just that when they first told him – he wouldn't go for the tests to get himself on meds so I don't really know if he is on anything or not – when we speak about it he suggests that he is just going to ride the whole thing out but I'm hoping deep down that he actually has been to a Doctor for it at some point!

Oh well – Im probably overreacting (Im sure you know what I am like by now lol)

I wish he would come on here actually – I do tell him what a great bunch of people you all are – but he says he doesn't think going on a site where people talk about HIV all day would be helpful – I did tell him that ACTUALLY we do have a LAUGH TOO!!! Maybe one day I'll get him to take a look! 🙂

Anyway I'll check in briefly in the morning and then you'll hear from me on Tuesday night when I get back!!!

BTW – The Sermon I did the other day went down a storm – I was REALLY Nervous doing it in my own Parish but thankfully it was ok! Just got to talk slower apparently  (They were also quite startled when I said "How would you react if I came in this morning and said I'd got Pregnant by someone but it wasn't my fiance?" Well Mary put all her trust in the Lord, I don't think in all honesty I could have done the same!)


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