Today is a much better day than the last couple have been. I didn't get my bike ride in but did do quite a bit of walking instead.

It's been fairly warm here, almost hot. This is how we know spring is here ~ the temperature gets into the 80's and it's begins to get humid. I'd rather live somewhere else, like North Carolina. I know they get hot summers too, but they're shorter up there ~ not 6-7 months long.

Today I took my Mom shoe shopping and few other errands that needed to be done. It was good to have company and get out of the house for a few hours. I feel better when I go somewhere, even just to window-shop. We're really short on money and we're on a strict budget until my husband gets paid on Friday. Even then we're trying to cut back on spending.

I'm still having nightmares and they just keep getting weirder as the days go on. I'm not sure what's causing them (besides unresolved issues with what happened to me as a kid) but they're very vivid and sometimes very violent. Last night I woke my husband up again yelling at something happening in my dreams. But at least I've stopped kicking and hitting him. What I have is REM behavioral disorder, where my body doesn't do the normal thing and disconnect from my muscles when I sleep. So I often act out what is happening when I dream. The only treatment for it is Klonopin, which I'm already on. My doctor doesn't want to up my medication any more ~ he's afraid it would be too much.

So besides the weird and uncomfortable nightmares not much new is happening. Got up, took Zach to school, went shopping with Mom, came home and napped, did some minor chores and spent time online. All I can say is thank God I'm not as bleak as I was the other day. That was awful feeling. I don't want to be on prednisone ever again.

I can't believe it but I'm tired already so I think I'll end this here. I hope all is well my friends! (((HUGS)))


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