Today we had some friends over for dinner. Their son of 32 years old died last week of stomach cancer. It was too far gone by the time he went to the hospital.

Makes one think how fragile life is and life is not always measured by how many years we live but how well we live it.  I wonder sometimes if I'm really living my life or is my life living me. lol Sometimes I wish I would have better thought out my life before hand. I don't think I would have traveled down this road..which I feel is the long way around to the path I should have taken. I know, kinda sounds stupid maybe even makes no sense, right? Who knows, maybe this was the path and I'm dreaming of something better. I do know one thing…I will be sure to give my son's the opportunities in live that I never had. I was always forced into making the best of a bad situation..which I managed through it by the hair on my ass. I always tell my kids…if I would have had even one parent like myself..God only knows how different life would had been for me. I'm just grateful that I can be that parent for my children. Life is hard enough to short out without added drama.

I look forward to them going off into the world and finding their success and me moving onward to my next season in life.  I'm planning a move to the Beaches of Mexico. All I want is a art studio where I can paint and do pottery. Party at night…of course. lol [pulls out her Margarita's and fires up her outdoor living grill/kitchen] Travel 6 months out of the year doing mission work and meeting new friends all over the world..then return to my home on the beach. lol Oh, where is hubby in this picture? I dunno..maybe with some young tart who is making his head turn I dunno where he is…and as Miss May West would say…"Frankly I don't give a damn!" [smug face] Let him find his own new season…lol. I'll give him visitation rights once a week…so I'll be in the clear concerning adultery. LMAO 

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  1. cherishchae 15 years ago

    Wait until I hit lottery sis. Then I'll join you for a drink.

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