Well,most of my decisions have been made…You know, I have always been single…sure I've had a couple of relationships…but they didnt work out…which is fine…I've learned a lot…lol But every once in awhile it would be so nice to have someone to help make these decisions…lol…oh well,,,that just isnt the case with me…So let me see, one choice was to move to Calif …that one was made for me by a higher power…thank goodness…dont really like Calif…way too much city for me…of course if I could live in the mountains I might change my mind…lol  Second was very difficult…that was about my mama dog…she was a stray when I got her, and I love her to pieces…but she has always been way too much dog for me…I am only 103 lbs…and I am pretty strong…but I have been flown like a kite by her more times than i can count…I have had her for almost 5 years…and in that 5 years  I have been knocked down, clothes lined, flown like a kite…had to repair many windows that she jumped thru…anyway she is going to a german sheperd rescue…she's real smart, so she might be trained to do something real cool…enough of that its making me sad…Another thing I had to decide was how I could possibly help my son…I was only blessed with one child…and I raised him all alone…we had many hard and desparate times…I always wished I could do so much more for him…anyway, lets just say he fell on his ass, ended up back over here…and me and the kids have been hiding him in my travel trailer for a couple of months…yes I know…I am an enabler…blah blah blah…I can't throw people away, or let them go hungry…etc…as poor as I've always been I have helped many people get on their feet…I just took them in…so what Im getting at is I couldnt turn my son away…so on the first, I got my SSI, me and Gracie and Layne went and cashed it…found an RV park, gave them the 265.00 for the lot…came home started getting all my things out of the trailer…and getting it ready to move,,,it is real old, 1972…lol…its held together on a wing and a prayer, I probably said that wrong…I always mix up my metaphors…lol So, we are finally about done, got him some food, I'll have to take him to get a job, but maybe he'll be all right this time…I had to go to home depot because the power supply wasnt right for my plug…got back with an adapter…LMAO…totally the wrong one…started to go back and get the right one , when we were hit by a pretty crazy storm…So…I will finish all this moving business up tomorrow…and even though I'll be broke…I know I'll be able to sleep, because now I have done everything I can, and given all I own…and I am so very freakin' tired…but i think I have done the only thing I can and still live with myself…So I'll be back around plastering all your pages with cool graphics real soon…Once again, this is just an airing out of my emotions…Love and Light to you all…Shadowstorm

  1. sweetsteph 14 years ago

    You sound so much like me always to the rescue and at times really stuggling ..i have been in texas all my life and would love to relocate but never will because my family is here,the funny thing is i haved helped so many people but never get help when i need it because i won't ask and its hard on ssi raising a grandchild for 15 years but she is my life ,well i could turn this into a novel so i guess i'll go …keep the faith you seem really cool …love steph

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  2. leese 14 years ago

    Great to hear that you've sorted everything…there's nothing like sleep when you can get it! And as for having someone around to help make decisions, you'd probably end up having to make twice as many!!! My ex had the nerve to call me up today and ask me to organise him a flight…told him to speak to his new gf! no, i'm not bitter…honest. 😉

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  3. ImScaredRightNow 14 years ago


    WHOA…just read your BLOG..

    i never though i'd be a BLOG reader in a million years…

    HAHA..now that i found out that i have HIV….(two weeks ago)

    i'm now reading blogs…

     Well as far as helping your son..
    I HAVE PUT MY MOMMA THRU HELL AND BACK…and she  never left my side..

    and if she had….i would have never forgiven her..

    Wich might not be totally fair…but some children grow up slow even though they live fast…it doesnt mean that they love you any less…it just means

    that they handle the frustration of life different….

    but they will always come back to  you….and one day they will get the picture..


    but don't be a sucker…hard to make that call…

    Your move to cali…won't be all bad..

    There's good times over here..

    and like other people said, it's not all city…there's alot of country here..

    Anyway…Hit me up sometime






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