How many of us is there out there trying to make the call ? HowMany of us is going to sit back and do NOTHING ! How many of us is out there who are Sick of being mistreated , LOnely, nelgeted , how many of us ? IAM NO Peacher but i know enough that untill we learn to enpower our nation and this HIV communitie with knowledge and wisdom . You ARE NOT ALONE . IAM HERE !!! GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER , YOUR CALLS , YOUR SUPPORT,YOUR LOVE , YOUR HELP .HELP ME FIGHT THIS ILLNESS , this beast that running in the street and in our own very sheets. how many times hAVE WE WENT TO GO TELL OUR FRIENDS ,LETS GET TESTED BECAUSE I CARE ! IAM Guilty of one thing and that being silent but not NO MORE . its my responsiblity to raise awarness , to Make Connection , TO STAND UP AND FIGHT for the sickly . . HOW MANY OF US IS THERE … ARE THERE ANY LEADER IN THE USA TODAY THAT RAISING HELL ABOUT THIS …. I KNOW IAM SCREAMING , CRYING AND PRAYING AND IAM NOT GOING WITHOUT A FIGHT … IAM SICK .. IAM SICK OF PEOPLE TREATING US LIKE WE ARE THE BLACKDEATH . I mean come on its 2013 somebody got to stand up and say something. OR mybe is it to taboo , why should we be shame … we grown and we do what we damn please .. and that mean stand up for the silent. CAN I GET A WITNESS .. Somebody please call 911 and tell them that our people , our VERY OWN PEOPLE ARE DYING OUT HERE , because they cant fight it alone , some even struggle with it and its gets to the point were it become DEPRESSION issue that tag along. please if we dont do something the very thing that we fight for OUR INDEPENDENT , OUR lives , OUR STories will be forgotting and we will be too help the WEAK AND THE SICKLY have a VOICE ….

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  1. june61 9 years ago

    True. Where I'm from u can't even find a support group. I even forgot there was a virus called hiv until I became infected. I never hear anyone ever talk about it. It feels like something shameful to be associated with. It is the loneliest disease ever.

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