Job stuff… The interview meeting testing process on Friday went pretty well.  I impressed with my typing skills. 

I did make mistakes.  I said miles instead of minutes when I talked about where my last job was in relation to where I'm living… so I looked silly when I said the actual location.  She gave me an odd look and I blushed and told her I didn't know what I was thinking… that I meant it took me so approximately so many minutes to get there.  It was a stupid mistake.  The other one, that was a little bigger was on my 10-key test.  I didn't understand how to move from one cell to the next… I didn't read it well enough or use the practice screen well enough… so I got a really low score when I knew I could've done better… I might ask for a retrial… or not.  Just see how it goes.

So I spent about three hours in that office.  Most of the other tests went well… except the Grammar test, which apparently gets most people.  But my math and business math and office skills are all pretty good.  I even amazed the woman with 71 wpm, and just under 10000 keystrokes per hour.  She seemed surprised that I could type at all.  That's what happens when you don't read a person's resume correctly.

Which by the way… she tried to correct the layout of my resume.  She took out a pen and started crossing dates out… and it was because she didn't read it correctly.  So… So much for the women in this office doing their jobs correctly.  That's two out of the three that couldn't read or didn't want to read my resume the way it was written.

So she ends the meeting after having me do three additional tests, two data entry tests and a personality test(I suppose to see if I was a bell tower candidate [Which I imagine I am.])… And she tells me that they won't be hiring me today.  If by any chance they do find something for me they will go through the hiring process at that time.  She tells me that the market is slow and she will try to talk me up to their clients, but I should call and keep up with them once a week.  Checking in to see and keeping myself available to them.

So, of course upon hearing this, and just listening to how they won't hire me… I go home, tired as hell, and my mom suggests we go to an early movie and dinner… get out of the house because otherwise I would've passed out right then and there.

So here's the kicker.  The office calls just under an hour after we leave the house.  >sigh<  And of course, with a movie and dinner across town… and a few errand stops along the way… I don't get home and see their number on caller ID until 10 minutes after their closing hours.  So I call back and leave my name and an apology for not being there for the call.  But honestly…. If they found something for me in that small timespace of two and a half hours and wanted me to drive back in… what the hell?

Honestly, I want a job, I'm greatful to my sister and this woman for seeing me and giving me a chance… but I hate all the bullshit.  Its kind of obnoxious that the woman incharge didn't read my resume, read it wrong, and they tried to correct it.  I know I've been out of the workforce, and I'm not exactly the likely candidate to feel cocky… but wow.  I just can't believe the people doing these jobs.  They're supposed to help people… not hinder. 

Anyways… I'm going to get up early tomorrow morning and call the office and see what's up.  Perhaps I'll be off to their office and then to a job.  I have to find a second form of ID… Hopefully I can find my second id…

It was a good thing… I'm out there, and you all were right… that first step was a hellish one… and I'm sure once I get in somewhere I'll do just fine.  The best part… was after she saw my typing and data entry skills…. she thought she came up with the idea that I would be really great at that, and would I mind sitting and doing data entry, just typing stuff in on my own for the most part as a job… That was the first thing I asked for.  Silly lady.

So… yay me…. I am happy.  Just tired now.  No sleep and all.

I didn't fall asleep until after 6am today.  I suppose sleeping from 1220am until 2pm Saturday didn't help me much.  So I got very little sleep today, and now I'm running off of fumes again.  I'm going to try for some tonight.

Today went alright, except for the family stuff… it ended alright at any rate.  My dad kept treating me as if I was stupid.  So that wasn't good.  He never said those words… 'You're stupid'… but he laughed at me and kept making me do things or taking things out of my hands and telling me I can do it if only I would do it right.  It really sucked… but I tried not to let it get to me.  The thing that finally was too much was my mom breaking down.  Of course, she gets angry and yells at me because I'm there… not at the person who caused the anger.  And I think I had a mild panic attack when she did.  I've not really had anything to serious… normally if I break down it's crying and such.  This was just different.  My hands hurt, and my stomach and lungs hurt.  I handled it fine, but the thing with my hands… really really was worrisome.

I'm fine now.  I tried to come on after it all went down, but decided to just deal with it on my own.  I wish I would let people in to help me when things like that happen.  I just would rather deal on my own than to open up and let other people in and help and see what it's doing.  My mom apologised not too long afterwards… and I told her the same thing I tell everyone… No worries, I'm ok.  Even though I wasn't.  The difference is… is she's Mom… she has a tough time with things, and although it really hurts to get yelled at or see her feeling sad… I know that it wasn't me.  I didn't upset her. 

I'm behind with my messages, and sending things back.  I'll try to get back to everyone tomorrow. 

Again, thank you to everyone who has been here for me… You don't know how much those comments have helped me.  Hopefully I can give back as much as you all have given me.


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