September 1, 2001 started out like every other day. I woke up, got ready for school, and got on the Metro and the bus to go to school. With in two hours I realized as I sat in my 10th grade English classs and everyone's cellphone and two ways begin to beep, vibrate, and ring that is day would be anything but ordinary. A boy that was in my class that worked for the Red Cross begin to scream and panic. He informed us that a plane had crashed into one the towers in New York and at the Pentagon which was across the bridge from my school and that all hell was about to break loose. My teacher stopped teaching and cut on the news and hell breaking loose was an understatment for was the US was about to indure for the days and years to come. I can  remember going to the high place in the building and being able to see the smoke and fire over at the Pentagon and thinking What in the world has happened to our county? I called my mother to find out what was going to happen after the second plane hit and the Country realized we were under attack and the nation looked to our at the time leader for some kind of answers and hope. And we got____________! Blank(nothing).

I never been so scared and amazed at the same time. Amazed because you grow up in a country where you have everthing you could want including a false sense of security. And here we are locked down in a school building because all buses and Metro service had been terminated. I called my gradmother because with the lock down no student was able to leave with out a parent to pick them up. Only to find out that the phone service was not working with everybody trying to do the same thing I was doing. The only number that you could call out to was 911 and with everyone doing that they were just not answering.

Alot of terror was made and alot of questions were asked but today nine years later I honor everyone who lost their lives, lost their families, and the EMT and Fire Fighters who worked aimlessly and selfless to help the victims. For this I will always remember this day as the Nation came together and grieved and stood up as one to make the United States Of America truely United.






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  1. Loki 11 years ago

    Yes, that  "deer caught in headlights" look was classic wasn't it ? 

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