hey everyone,i didnt get to read your responses to my blog about depression untill tonight (i worte it 2 days ago) but still all your responses and comments made me feel so much better, if im honest i thought this place was shit when i very first joined but quickky realised thats its one of the best places for me… i was just mailing a newcomer there and saying the same thing, its helpled me so much…the way someone i dont even know words can connect with me, that there even bothered writing to try and share experiences, there is always someone here and no matter what i know i alway6s have someone here wheather its a friend or stranger, threre is always someohne willing to give advice, to listen, to do anything they can. And i hope you all know (friends or strangers) im here to do the same for all of you anytime. Thanks everyone, thats all i can say is Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


I had a sesion with my counselllor today, it was emotional, all my emotions are coming back in full strenght so perhaps thats why i felt shit the other day, or perhaps thats recovery, either way i know there is better ways to deal with my problems, no matter what the cause of them is than to go and score or go back using.

I started my course aswell, its a really mixed group-really mixed which is great and i cant wait for the next class. Thats something postive to look forward to.

The gap i was talking about that i feel in me, well i know it cant be filled with drugs or anything, i do no that it can be filled with forgivness of myself which some days im good with , some im not. Its just the way things are at the moment.iT can be filled with love-love and understanding of myself which i find i get through writing my poetry, wheather its shit or not!!! it helps me.


Thanks everyone, feeling much much better. Physically and emotionally,back to work tomorrow so that will keep me occupuied anyway !!!!!! will blog/comment more tomorrow , its late and i cant type anymore!!

Thanks everyone, love ya's xxx


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